Glider Aerobatic Training

I teach basic, advanced and unlimited aerobatics.

Depending on your goals, competition or just for fun, we can develop a training program tailored to your needs that will make you a proficient aerobatic pilot! Furthermore, with the connections and friendships I have developed over many years of competitive aerobatic flying in the WGAC and WAGAC (the World Glider Aerobatic Championship), we can also arrange top level training camps in preparation for competiotions or airshows. You will have the opportunity to fly with some of the best aerobatic pilots and trainers, such as Luca Bertossio, Jason Stephens, and the legend, Sandor Katona.

Crystal performing a loop on her first flight with me

There are multiple levels: basic, sport, advanced, unlimited.

Basic Glider Aerobatics involves learning and mastering the basic maneouvers: loop, roll, stall turn (hammerhead), spin.

Download Loop Lesson example
Download Stall Turn Lesson example - Watch Stall Turn video
Download Roll Lesson example

Sport Glider Aerobatics adds mixed figures (i.e. half cuban, reversment which are a fraction of a loop with half roll) and introduces you to the competition, box management and rules.

Advanced Glider Aerobatics will bring your level up and you'll be ready to participate in national and international competitions. You will begin flying inverted, as well as complex programs consisting of more advanced figures such as tail slides, roll quarters down, and mixed figures such as the split S and Himmelman, which is a half loop with half roll on the top.

Free known

Free known

Ferenc Tòth free known at the 2016 WGAC

Free Unknown

Free Unknown

Daniel Serres Free unknown at the 2016 WGAG

Unknown Compulsory

Unknown Compulsory

Nicolas Honnons Unknown Compulsory at the 2006 WGAC

In Unlimited Glider Aerobatics, you will learn to master snap/flick mixed figures. You will also master energy management. By doing so, you will be able to avoid finishing your programs with no low penalties. You will become familiar with the glider Aresti Catalog and how to create and manage a competition program that is harmonious and avoids penalties, such as flying outside the competition box.

Here above a competition program - WGAC free program 2014

Airshow routine at Trofeo Duranti 2014

Spin & Unusual attitudes Training

I can also teach you how to enter, recover, and prevents spins. We will go through a ground lesson and several flights until you feel comfortable. This skill set is not only necessary to become a CFIG, but for also becoming a safe and competitive aerobatic pilot!

Our lessons will cover how to enter a spin from a stall, how to enter a spin from a skid, how to recover immediately, and how to recover from a deep spin. We will also cover competition and airshow spin techniques!

Getting yourself into a spin can be the result of many factors. One of the worst scenarios is inadvertently inducing a spin because of skidding at low speed, while at low altitude. As a glider pilot or glider instructor, it is crucial to understand the combined factors that can cause a spin, and how to prevent, recognize and recover from one! It could very well safe your life! And if you are a CFIG, you can teach this life-saving information to your students.

We will also cover unusual attitude recognition and recovery, first on the ground, and then in the air. Many things can occur which can cause you to find yourself in a nose high or low attitude, and possibly in a very steep bank angle as well. Should this occur, there is a proper sequence required to safely recover the aircraft. We will practice this technique in the air.

The skills that you will learn in my spin and unusual attitude lessons will make you a safer, more confident, and more accomplished pilot!


Markus Feyerabend

I met Sasha a couple of years ago and we became good friends since. He´s a super nice guy and a great pilot and I can highly recommend him to anybody looking to experience something really special. He has a lot of talent as well as the necessary experience to teach you basic aerobatics or train you to become a successful competition pilot. So go and book a course with him (or just come along for a thrill ride) I bet you will not regret it.

Markus "Maxu" Feyerabend - Gold medal WAG 2015 freestyle
Luca Bertossio

Me and Sasha started glider aerobatics together and we moved on one World Championship after the other having the same trainers and coaches... he's super ok!

Luca "Berto" Bertossio - World Champion WAGAC 2012 - Gold medal WAG 2015 overall
Ferenc Toth

I have known Sasha for long time. He always do everything 100% like me. He is a very good aerobatic pilot and also good instructor. If you join to his flying school you will learn to fly the aerobatic figures perfectly and you will learn the aerobatic culture also which can help you to become word champion in the near future

Ferenc Toth - World Champion 2015 2016 overall
Eric CLG

Both by his sheer technical ability in a glider, and with his generous spirit, Sasha Marvin carries the fire for the glider aerobatic sport. He represents the best traditions of the Italian school of aerobatics that, on a foundation of technical precision, emphasizes the artistic and expressionistic qualities of aerobatics.

Eric CLG - USA champion 2016 - 4Th absolute WGAC 2016 - Silver medal Known WGAC 2015
Glider Aerobatics

Sasha Marvin


World Champion 2012 with team Italy and Trainer and CFIG in the US

Best way to contact me is sending a text message, email or facebook. Call me when it's dark, when I usually don't fly ;)


Rides and Training are usually done at Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont, FL ( 15 miles west of Disneyworld ) see on google maps