Glider Aerobatic Rides

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Glider Aerobatic PRO Ride

• up to 5000 feet
• loops
• stall turns
• zero gravity
• humpty bumps
• spins
• glider fly basics intro
• 20 - 30 minutes
• Stunning view

This is the very best option for aerobatics and the most comprehensive experience

Price: $ 250.00


Glider Aerobatic Advanced Ride

• up to 4000 feet
• loops
• stall turns
• zero gravity
• humpty bumps
• spins
• glider fly basics intro
• 15 - 30 minutes

Price: $ 210.00


Glider Aerobatic Basic Ride

• up to 3000 feet
• loops
• stall turns
• zero gravity
• humpty bumps
• 10 - 20 minutes

Best option for those who never try glider aerobatics and want to discover the experience smoothly

Price: $ 190.00


More Info

Watch the video below !!

“Amazing” & “Awesome” is what you are expected to say at least 10 times before landing.

According to all participants this will be the one of the most thrilling and breathtaking experience of all your life.

You will sit in the front seat of the glider. You in between of the clouds. We'll be towed by a “Pawnee" up in the sky and then we'll begin our dive. There will be heavenly quite moments in between the aerobatics. You’ll feel like astronauts in the zero gravity and feel the G force of a jet fighter.

I will explain you the basics of the flight and how the glider cockpit works, because you will want to try to fly (right?), then we’ll do all the pre-flight checks and get ready to go.

Bring your GoPro or use ours. You'll want to share this with your friends!

Markus Feyerabend

I met Sasha a couple of years ago and we became good friends since. He´s a super nice guy and a great pilot and I can highly recommend him to anybody looking to experience something really special. He has a lot of talent as well as the necessary experience to teach you basic aerobatics or train you to become a successful competition pilot. So go and book a course with him (or just come along for a thrill ride) I bet you will not regret it.

Markus "Maxu" Feyerabend - Gold medal WAG 2015 freestyle
Luca Bertossio

Me and Sasha started glider aerobatics together and we moved on one World Championship after the other having the same trainers and coaches... he's super ok!

Luca "Berto" Bertossio - World Champion WAGAC 2012 - Gold medal WAG 2015 overall
Ferenc Toth

I have known Sasha for long time. He always do everything 100% like me. He is a very good aerobatic pilot and also good instructor. If you join to his flying school you will learn to fly the aerobatic figures perfectly and you will learn the aerobatic culture also which can help you to become word champion in the near future

Ferenc Toth - World Champion 2015 2016 overall
Eric CLG

Both by his sheer technical ability in a glider, and with his generous spirit, Sasha Marvin carries the fire for the glider aerobatic sport. He represents the best traditions of the Italian school of aerobatics that, on a foundation of technical precision, emphasizes the artistic and expressionistic qualities of aerobatics.

Eric CLG - USA champion 2016 - 4Th absolute WGAC 2016 - Silver medal Known WGAC 2015
Glider Aerobatics

Sasha Marvin


World Champion 2012 with team Italy and Trainer and CFIG in the US

Best way to contact me is sending a text message, email or facebook. Call me when it's dark, when I usually don't fly ;)


Rides and Training are usually done at Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont, FL ( 15 miles west of Disneyworld ) see on google maps