Glider Aerobatic Rides

My name is Sasha Marvin, I am 2012 World Champion with team Italy and I am a US CFIG!

Are you looking for a unique and thrilling new experience?! Would you like to do loops between the clouds and see Florida, UPSIDE DOWN??

These are just some of the amazing things that can be done in a glider ! I would love to take you on an aerobatic flight, and/or train you to become an aerobatic pilot ! All of my flights are done safely, and with respect to aeronautical regulations and structural limitations of the aircraft.

What is your goal, and what are your expectations? Would you like an amazing aerobatic ride just for fun? Would you like to be a safer pilot and build self-confidence? Brush up on basic skills? Learn aerobatics, even competitive aerobatics?


Glider Aerobatic Rides

Go on a real aerobatic flight in beautiful Florida skies!

Glider aerobatics

Glider Aerobatic Training

Based upon your current skill level and goals, we can develop a tailored program that will help you to excel in advanced, intermediate, or unlimited aerobatics. And if you are seriously interested in competitive flying, we can also go over competition rules and regulations.

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Spin training & Unusual Attitudes

Spins and unusual attitudes are my daily bread. I can travel to your airport if you have access to a spin certified glider, or I can reserve one of our aircraft here at Lake-Seminole Gliderport for you to train in. Experience in recovering from unusual attitudes beyond the incipient stall or spin, lets you fly with much less anxiety, and improves risk management and stall/spin recognition.

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Markus Feyerabend

I met Sasha a couple of years ago and we became good friends since. He´s a super nice guy and a great pilot and I can highly recommend him to anybody looking to experience something really special. He has a lot of talent as well as the necessary experience to teach you basic aerobatics or train you to become a successful competition pilot. So go and book a course with him (or just come along for a thrill ride) I bet you will not regret it.

Markus "Maxu" Feyerabend - Gold medal WAG 2015 freestyle
Luca Bertossio

Me and Sasha started glider aerobatics together and we moved on one World Championship after the other having the same trainers and coaches... he's super ok!

Luca "Berto" Bertossio - World Champion WAGAC 2012 - Gold medal WAG 2015 overall
Ferenc Toth

I have known Sasha for long time. He always do everything 100% like me. He is a very good aerobatic pilot and also good instructor. If you join to his flying school you will learn to fly the aerobatic figures perfectly and you will learn the aerobatic culture also which can help you to become word champion in the near future

Ferenc Toth - World Champion 2015 2016 overall
Eric CLG

Both by his sheer technical ability in a glider, and with his generous spirit, Sasha Marvin carries the fire for the glider aerobatic sport. He represents the best traditions of the Italian school of aerobatics that, on a foundation of technical precision, emphasizes the artistic and expressionistic qualities of aerobatics.

Eric CLG - USA champion 2016 - 4Th absolute WGAC 2016 - Silver medal Known WGAC 2015
Glider Aerobatics

Sasha Marvin

World Champion 2012 with team Italy and Trainer and CFIG in the US